Loose Cushion Cut Diamonds

Loose cushion diamonds have always been a good choice for many people all around the world. Why? This is because it has always been the traditional way that diamonds have been cut since time immemorial.

Cushion-shaped pieces are considered antiques-styled since this has always been the usual way that stones of this kind have been presented way before the influx of the more modern diamond shapes that are made nowadays. It has been names such because it actually resembled a cushion or a pillow. It resembles a square as against the rounder versions of diamonds of today.

An Antique-Styled Stone

A cushion-cut piece is an antique representation of how diamonds used to look like in the jewelries of ancient times. It is a shape that is commonly found in antique jewelries and is a classic presentation of a stone that has withstood time.

Less Clear Than Other Modern Cuts

Yes, stones of this cut are less clear or brilliant than modern cuts. However, they can reflect light more solidly and they are pieces that do not really have to showcase their beauty in the striking manner that more modern finishes do. They are simply beautiful because they appear more solid as regards the dispersal of light spectrums when it is shined upon by light.

Good For Colored Diamonds

When choosing a stone because of its color, this cut is the most preferred one for it. This is because it can show the distribution of color smoothly and evenly. The color on a stone with this cut appears to be more solid rather than when in other shapes that are used for diamonds.

A Classic Cut That Can Match Any Outfit Or Occasion

Since it is a classic cut in itself, it can match any outfit or any occasion that you wish to have it for. It is a beautiful piece that does not need any more accessorizing if it has been designed properly and used by someone who can really show-off its timeless beauty.


Loose cushion diamonds are classic pieces that anyone ought to choose over the more modern cuts that are popularly chosen nowadays. It may not give off that shine that is usually associated with diamonds but then again, not everybody would wish to be outshone by the pieces that they wear on their bodies. Like any piece that is equally beautiful on all its different aspects, a cushion piece will look very beautiful simply because it is a piece that will last a lifetime.