Kay Jewelers Review


Anyone who has at least a tad bit of experience in the fields of visual design or user experience engineering can tell very much about the philosophy of a company visiting their website. Navigating on www.kay.com your impression is that they want to sell you their products rather aggressively.

I may be biased, but people who are willing to buy a diamond engagement ring for their bride are not the kind of stressed out young men who care too much about a $10 promotion. Diamond buyers are laid back gentlemen who know what they are doing and are confident with their financials. Pushy marketing and a cheap website do not create a great first impression – that is for sure.

Standard Set of Services, No Differentiating Features

Online jewelry stores have become rather ubiquitous. Since the market has so many operators, there are a bunch of services that everybody has to offer if they do not want to hang back from competition. These services nowadays include free shipping, easy financing and money-back guarantee on the financial side. Regarding the product choice, a viable jewelry store ought to offer real photography, easy customization and a product what we would have called at least “unbelievable” five years ago.

Pretty much all of these are offered by Kay Jewelers. However, since we are living in the present and not five years before, we have to look at what can set a diamond distributor apart from the others. It is useless to try to search for a certain feature that is exclusive to Kay Jewelers, since there are none such services.

Dubious Social Media Accounts

There is a slight problem with the social media representation of Kay Jewelers. Let us approach the issue by formulating a question. Which company would you rather trust: one that has a few hundred Twitter followers and interacts with them, helps them and provides them with unique content or one that has more than ten thousand followers, most of them bought fakes and all of its tweets smell like advertisements? Well, if you have not yet figured, Kay Jewelers is a great example of the latter type.

Some companies tend to think of social media as if it was rocket science. It is not: it is basic human relationships put into a new context, nothing else. The fact that the social media accounts of Kay Jewelers do not provide new, useful content towards their followers shows carelessness.

Scamming Promotions

When we are speaking about marketing in the 21st century, one of the most important aspects that we should care about is honesty. Even more: honesty put higher than financial interest. Just like a dog feels when you are afraid, customers can feel when the company they are dealing with is not being honest.

For example, if a company offers you a promotion for your next purchase, then asks for your personal details and promises not to sign you up for a credit card, and still does, that company lacks respect and honesty. Kay Jewelers often does exactly what has just been described – of course, you can cancel your unwanted new credit card, but you are weakening your credit score that way.

Impatient And Disrespectful Customer Services

In inconvenient cases like the one mentioned just above, customer services is going to have a bad time. However, they are paid for constantly having bad times – not many people call you to congratulate you for providing excellent services. In the field of customer services, Kay Jewelers does not fail in dissatisfying you. And I am not the only one who feels this way. There are tons of reviews made by other individuals and customers who are dissatisfied with them.

As many previous customers complain on feedback-oriented websites, customer services representatives are not even afraid of lying about the status of your account, the condition of a product or the availability of their superiors.

Summing it all up, it could be said that Kay Jewelers and its services are stuck in the early 2000s and have not yet accommodated to modern e-commerce marketing standards. They could have been one of the rock stars of the industry ten years ago, though.