A Basic Primer of Wedding Jewelry

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There are a few decisions that might be rather hard to make when you are planning an engagement. You might have different approaches towards choosing your engagement ring and its main feature stone.

Also, you might have different approaches towards this list presenting the most popular diamond shape choices: you might want to go with one of the top shapes and make a secure choice, or you could maybe choose a shape from the lower end of the list and come up with something exclusive.

Whatever approach you might take, a basic knowledge of the available options will come in handy for sure. Actually, it is the de facto shape people think of when you mention the term “full cut brilliant”. Naturally, it also makes a wonderful choice for any engagement ring.

Round cut diamonds are, as their name implies, round-shaped full cut brilliants that make wonderful advantage of the material properties of the diamonds.

When buying diamonds, most people keep in mind two obvious goals. First, obtaining a stone that has good value – it is excellent when it comes to examining the four characteristics and it is also somewhat unique. Second, with the possible exception of billionaires, people want to get their valorous stones at a price as low as possible.

Before the acquisition, you really need to do some research on a few aspects of the jewelry you are about to buy. There are a few important characteristics that apply to every stone and should be taken into consideration.

These are known as the “four C’s” of diamonds: clarity, cut, carat and color. You can get more details each individual C on this website and even discover some untold insights about similar looking diamonds.

“Clarity” and “color” are two of the four most important characteristics of diamonds, also known as the “four C’s”. They mainly describe the technical and slightly scientific details behind the beauty of a diamond. However, diamonds should not be treated as packaged doses of science.

Before you can start studying the material and production properties of your chosen diamond, you first have to choose a shape that you like and fit your needs. The most common shape used in diamond jewelry is the round brilliant cut. Other popular choices include the squarish looking princess cut, sexy marquise and the vintage looking cushion cut.

Trends in Wedding Jewelry

Lately, marquise cut diamonds have been gaining popularity. And for good reasons…

There is an anecdote that wonderfully reflects the possible beauty a marquise can hold. According to that, the marquise cut was first ordered by French king Louis the 14th, who asked the diamond cutter to make a stone that resembles the perfectly shaped mouth of her love, Marquise de Pompadour.

Thanks to the elongated shape of the diamond, these stones are beautiful features of any ring, since they make the wearer’s fingers look longer and thinner, thus more feminine.

Even though most engagement rings feature solitaire stone settings, some people might want to go for a three-stone setting. If that is the case, a triad of emerald cut stones might be the best combination of stones to use. The advantages of the rectangular shape are really brought to surface in three-stone settings.

What Factors Should I Keep in Mind in General?

So, with the shape decided, only a few minor steps remain. First of all, you need to define your budget. Once the budget is set in stone (sic!), you should take a look at the “four C’s” of diamonds: cut, carat, clarity and color. These can come in a great variety, so a heavy 2 carat diamond of low quality might be cheaper than a flawless 0.80 carat stone.